System Integrator

It will support many disciplines in the field of informatics with the System Integrator
we offer advanced technologies.

Grid Group business analysts, software and hardware engineers, system designers, project managers, training and implementation experts, and consultants / field experts, etc. There is a core team of more than 100 experts experienced in the field of informatics in different disciplines. In addition to this core team, this number exceeds 500 with the personnel who provide on-site support services in the institutions served. Grid GroupIn order to provide the highest quality service to existing customers, it has an expert staff that has both field and academic experience, constantly follows the developments in the information sector and therefore ensures the continuity of knowledge and experience. This experienced team, which has field expertise in different disciplines that complement each other, is combined with advanced technology products and solution / customer-oriented service understanding. has made it a reliable and preferred project partner in the geography.

Grid Group The easily adaptable design flexibility of IT solutions and the ability to be modeled according to new / changing processes, together with hundreds of existing and / or renewable business processes, enable new users to quickly adapt to the system.

It also minimizes adaptation difficulties and possible resource and time costs for the operational process, which are much more critical for sectors that do not tolerate errors and delays and have "unique" priorities such as the IT sector.

Grid Group's IT solutions have a technology and a user-friendly standard structure that reduces possible user resistances during the installation process, minimizes operation and maintenance support requirements, and eliminates company dependency in the institutions it serves.

Grid Group's current core staff consists of the following core expertise;

  • Software Engineers / Programmers
  • Hardware and Systems Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Project Managers (PMP, CPHIMSS experienced)
  • Product Experts
  • Technicians experienced in the field of informatics
  • IT Standards and Classification Systems Specialists
  • IT Administration Management Experts
  • Training and Implementation Team
  • R&D Team
  • Certified Technical Experts
  • Quality Management Experts