IOT Çözümleri

IoT ile amaçlanan şey işlerdeki verimliliği maksimum boyuta çıkarmak.
Bir çok şirket IoT ile güvenliği sağlamakta; bakım-onarım işlerini kolaylaştırmaktadır.



In the age we live in, there is almost no individual that is not in contact with the internet and smart devices. People continue their lives in a renewed state, even according to the devices they use. There are almost no houses where smart devices do not enter. Smart phones, smart televisions or smart homes… People use almost all of them nowadays. But IoT (internet of things), which cannot be explained only by "smart device"; a concept that is far above the smart device. In fact, we can say that it is a system formed by all smart devices used and connected to the internet.

Number of Devices Possible to be Connected to the Internet 34 Billion

Many futurists and scientists easily use the phrase "a revolution that will change the whole world and all the operating sectors in that world" when defining this system called the internet of things. Researches show that the number of devices connected to the Internet is around 12 billion today, and the number is increasing day by day. With the current technology used, the devices connected to the internet are generally computers, tablets and mobile phones. What the studies of scientists show is that this number will be around 34 billion by 2020. Almost all new electronic devices we use have micro-sensors that allow for large data collection. We are talking about a large ecosystem where instant information from 34 billion devices will communicate with each other over the internet with the help of the data in these micro-sensors.

Maximum Efficiency in Different Sectors

Main Purpose of IOT

The main goal with IOT Solutions is to maximize efficiency and productivity in work. It is a fact frequently stated by futurists that IoT will have a place in the economy of 6 Trillion USD in the next five years. In this market where such large numbers are spoken, private companies that invest in this will take the biggest share of the cake. Industrial companies will bring 3 great benefits with IoT; introducing new products, increasing productivity and reducing operational expenses.

Usage Areas in Different Sectors

IoT is already being used and developed in the health and transportation sector, which is the most widely used and developing today. When it comes to transportation, the airline preferred by almost everyone is one of the sectors where IoT is the most preferred. Many giant airline companies provide flight safety with IoT; facilitates their work in the field of maintenance and repair. At the same time, in the health sector, IoT is also assisted in matters such as monitoring the status of chronic patients remotely and predicting the recurrence of the disease. IoT helps people not only in the field of transport and health, but also in meteorology and agriculture, which are highly interconnected. IoT, which produces instant results from the correct irrigation methods to the precipitation in the weather, will have a full place in the economy in the next 15 years. This figure clearly shows how serious private companies are about IoT.

IoT What is Required for IOT Technology?

The system, which is in every sector with human and technology, especially health, tourism and agriculture, comes to life with the help of 3 main technologies.

  • Connected and Intelligent Sensor Systems
  • Instant and Big Data Analysis Technologies
  • Cloud Based Scalable Infrastructure Architecture

Cloud technology is a technological innovation that is frequently used today and will play a major role in the development of this system in the future. IoT devices work in varying brands and in various locations. By operating them integrated with cloud technology, we can easily manage the devices. With the help of cloud infrastructure, you can easily store and analyze millions of data.

Oracle and IoT Relationship

Oracle cloud-solutions are almost the leader of the industry with their strong infrastructure in Cloud Technology. With Oracle Integrated Cloud IoT, you can easily control all your smart devices in the cloud. Also; Oracle Stream Analytics helps you quickly analyze the millions of data you collect. In this way, while making your transactions much easier than before, you also reduce your costs at the same rate.