Our Group Companies

Grid Group, which has expanded its field of activity with its strong investments and the group companies it has incorporated, is currently serving in the health, transportation, industry, construction, finance and general sectors.

Techyurt, with our Software Qualified Expert Staff, Wide Portfolio Providing End-to-End Solutions and Solution-Oriented Approach, the Tech-Yurt project, which was founded with the cooperation of the leading names of the sector, has carried out many innovative projects in the informatics and technology sector. Tech-Yurt, which stands beside its competitors in the sector in this partnership; With its expert experience and dynamic infrastructure, it has enabled it to be the preferred new supplier of international brands.

Süper Entegratör after 25 years of industry experience and knowledge, it was established with 100% domestic capital to provide VIP e-transformation service in line with current needs. While developing projects in the field of e-Transformation, which is one of the most important topics of digital transformation, it takes part in the digital transformation journey with value-added services with its qualified staff to meet the different needs of institutions in this field.

OXYGEN SOCİAL Club SPORTS AND HEALTHY LIFE CENTER, it is the best decision for you to start sports, while the nutrition plan you have created offers special programs that will enable you to create a better quality of life.