Human Resources

Human Resources is a strategic department that invests in people.
Recruiting the right talents to the organization and planning the future with them are among our main duties.

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Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy
To make strategic human resources management by ensuring the effective use of the human resources needed by the Grid and group companies to achieve their goals.

Human Resources Goals

  • We be a strategic partner in the management of our companies by creating human resources management systems.
  • We provide a measurable competitive advantage with its Human Resources infrastructure within the holding companies.
  • We increase efficiency and productivity by minimizing HR costs.
  • We analyze the contribution of HR to all related processes on the basis of holding companies with effective reporting methods.
  • We be the preferred institution by keeping employee satisfaction at a high level.
  • Human Resources Policies
    Our aim is to make our manpower our permanent superiority in the sectors we serve and in the global competition environment. In line with this purpose, the cornerstones of Human Resources policies are;

  • We provide our employees with fair and equal opportunities in terms of employment conditions, upbringing and development according to their professional knowledge and skills.
  • We create working environments that allow our employees to show their potential at the highest level.
  • We respect the personality of our employees, protect and observe their rights
  • We ensure that it is always an institution preferred by expert employees.
  • We reward our successful employees and support their development..
  • Our Human Resources are managed through various strategies.

    Our strategies

    Competency Strategy
    By investing in people, we are trying to raise the leaders of the future and people who can keep up with change..

    Rights Strategy
    We work on wages, benefits, staging, job evaluation, career management.

    Expertise Management Strategy
    We implement programs in which we plan potential and leadership developments. In addition, we aim to do one-on-one studies:

    Our motivation
    Meeting the demands by finding the right balance, offering the right solutions, solving problems are both our responsibility and our motivation. When Human Resources are considered from many angles; It touches employees, individuals, management and organizational structure in different areas. Our main motivation is to develop solutions, manage difference and make people happy with the solutions we develop.

    Team work
    Creative thinking
    Harmonious Management of Diversity

    Company culture

    It has a friendly environment culture that includes a family structure based on the principles of reliability and consistency. In the creation of this culture;

    The development of policies with farsightedness by the Grid Group and the implementation of these policies have been effective. These long-term structuring processes provide continuity in the friendly environment and family structure in the corporate culture.