Construction Technology Solutions

With Construction Technology Solutions, we offer
advanced technologies that will support many disciplines in the field of informatics ..

Construction Planning Consultancy

Grid Group expert teams use their expertise and knowledge to maximize project interests throughout the project lifecycle.

Our end-to-end service capabilities enable our construction management teams to progress the project in a healthy way, from the design phase to planning and construction management, all the way to project closure.

We serve with our expert staff in purchasing planning, planning, tender management, on-site inspection, quality assurance and control, security planning and control, contract management, risk management.

Providing answers to the questions needed in the project such as where, when, how much, by analyzing work programs and Project Costing works and optimizing the income-expense balance in the project by performing revenue optimization.

Tender Management

Comparison of the proposal analysis after the bid process with the comparison table, tender management, tender evaluation, prequalification process management and tender documentation

Pre-Construction Project Management

  • Design work and tender process,
  • Design management and coordination,
  • Construction strategy and methodology development,
  • Preliminary cost estimation and planning,
  • Value engineering and cost improvement analysis