Health IT Solutions

With Health Informatics Solutions, we offer advanced technologies to support many disciplines in the field of informatics.

Grid Group It provides services with its expert staff in many areas such as hospital management, health services design, care architectures by offering value-added-oriented solutions in health services management.

End-to-End Healthcare Solutions

End-to-End Healthcare Solutions

  • Estimated Budgeting Services
  • Department Independent Process Improvement
  • Hospital Cost Management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Productivity Management
  • Effectiveness of Operations
  • Team Coordination
  • IT Services
  • Performance Measurement

Expert Staff in Hospital Design and Construction

Designing and building healthcare environments requires more than classic construction management and building processes.

This area requires a comprehensive approach to the safety of everyone, not just Grid Group employees and partners. Close coordination with hospital staff is essential to manage these processes in many areas from construction to operation.

When these factors are taken into consideration Grid Group, especially with hundreds of projects and expert staff to be involved in every stage of the process of Turkey's best healthcare building construction, it is shown in companies that provide operation and maintenance services.

Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Services

Increasing competition and demographic changes today make the hospital marketing challenges you face even more difficult. Our experienced consulting teams evaluate your priorities; It provides you with a broad perspective and vision in line with your health marketing goals.

We provide you with end-to-end support with our Healthcare Strategies and Marketing Services.

  • Make strategic decisions based on real values ​​
  • Make structural planning easy
  • Use your resources and capital effectively.
  • Increase your sales volume by making sense of your data.

Healthcare Operations Management Services

In order to reduce unknown, unnecessary and inefficient business complexity, support is provided in many areas such as process variability, the supply of necessary personnel corresponding to patient needs, and equipment supply.

While working effectively to identify your problems, we aim to continue to focus on providing quality patient care and work with industry leaders in the field operationally to improve healthcare management.

Health Services Organizational Development Services

We take it as a basis to develop ways that will help you to increase patient satisfaction and patient permanence with your organizational development services.

With the Grid Group Health Service Management Services team, it improves your processes with its fully equipped technical staff to bring the organization to its full potential and measure your health services change management processes.

Application Excellence

Your performance and resource development initiatives can only be successful with the appropriate level of change leadership. Our methodologies have a visionary perspective designed to achieve measurable results.

As Grid Group, we bring a qualified approach with our human resources staff specialized in the health sector by planning, executing and evaluating changes and demands in order to achieve the goals set by your organization.